We are affiliated to Suro Bharati Sangeet Kala Kendra which is world’s one of the leading cultural examination centers and hence we follow the syllabus as provided by them for students eager to have music degrees.


Classical music isn’t typically people’s first choice of the genre when singing, as they’re more likely to belt out a pop music hit or classics from musical theatre. Through classical vocal training, students can build a solid foundation that enables them to achieve their full vocal range, whether they want to sing in genres such as pop, musical theatre, or Italian opera. In addition to giving your voice the training, it needs to reach its full potential, classical vocal training can instill a deep appreciation for classical music and the history that accompanies it. Ultimately, there are plenty of advantages of taking classical voice lessons over other less formal types of training. Singers with classical training also benefit from more vocal flexibility.

Commercial music can be defined as any music produced that is being marketed directly to the general public by any medium.The only exception to the above is production music. This is music specifically written for inclusion in audio and audio-visual productions and is marketed on a business to business basis.


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